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French Wines: The Essential Guide to the Wines and Wine Growing Regions of France . If you want to buy it click on the picture

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Savoie Wine Trail

Savoy is one of France's most beautiful tourist destinations, where winter is for skiing, summer for walks in the mountains. But were you also aware that it is also a charming and delightful region that produces lovely wines, mostly whites, that will reward you for all your energetic exertions?

Discovering the terraces of vines on the lower slopes of the mountains, sampling the cool white wine and meeting growers so obviously in love with their work, these are just some of the pleasures that the Savoy region has to offer. To be sure, it is a region better-known for its tourism, with its landscapes, its lakes and its skiing, than for its tradition of vine cultivation. And yet...
Walkers, climbers and skiers will often come across small villages with vineyards, such as Apremont, Crépy, Chignin, Seyssel, where they can enjoy a taste of the delightful wines which go so very well with the local cheeses like Reblochon, Tomme, Beaufort and many more...


A brief history
A very old tradition of vine cultivation, with little-known wines but growing in importance...


The characteristics
Red and white grapes with distinct characters, a wide diversity of climatic conditions, delightful red, white and sparkling wines which are an ideal accompaniment to the region's cheeses (and of course those of other areas!)...


There are among the wines of Savoy two local appellations: AOC Crépy and Seyssel, and two regional appellations: AOC Vin de Savoie and AOC Roussette de Savoie.


En route!
From north to south, the areas of vine cultivation are divided into five wine-producing districts.


Practical tips


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