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Jura Wine Trail

The Jura is a region well known for its cheeses, especially Comté, and for its undulating landscapes. Winters are cold and ideal for cross-country skiing. But its summers are warm enough to allow vines to be cultivated. Jura wines have their own special characteristics, especially the most outstanding one, the mysterious vin jaune from Château-Châlon...

The Wine Trail winds its way through the foothills of the Jura mountains. It passes through an astonishing variety of landscapes: forests, hillsides, valleys and cliffs succeed one another among the villages and small towns which have for the most part retained their true character. Who would not enjoy a stroll through Arbois, Pupillin, Salins, Arc-et-Senans (a short distance away from the wine-producing area) or in the village of l'Etoile so famous for its white wines?

And of course there are the countless gourmet delights to be had in the region. Anyone who has ever tasted coq aux morilles et au vin jaune, or drunk a glass of savagnin over an old comté de fruitière cheese, can have but one wish: to hurry back to the Jura!nin over an old comté de fruitière cheese, can have but one wish: to hurry back to the Jura!

A brief history
Very old established vineyards, much less extensive today than in the past...


The characteristics

The Jura produces an interesting range of white wines (from the savagnin and chardonnay varieties of grape) and red wines (using the poulsard, trousseau et pinot noir grape), as well as two interesting and unusual wines that are not to be missed: vin jaune and vin de paille.



En route!

The wine-producing region of the Jura extends over a relatively small area, being concentrated in one long narrow strip. It can easily and pleasurably be covered in one day, and you can profitably devote a full weekend to the exploration of the many other tourist sights in between your samplings of the wines of the region.


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